RichTextKit v0.4

Rendering Text

Text can be rendered using RichString.Paint() or TextBlock.Paint() methods:

// Paint at (0,0)

By default the text will be rendered at the position (0,0). Use SKCanvas.Translate() to set the paint position or pass the position as a second parameter:

// Paint at (100,100)
textBlockOrRichString.Paint(canvas, new SKPoint(100,100));

Rendering with a Selection Highlight

Text can also be rendered with part of the text highlighted.

// Highlight code points 10 through 19...
var options = new TextPaintOptions()
    SelectionStart = 10,
    SelectionEnd = 20,
    SelectionColor = new SKColor(0xFFFF0000),

// Paint with options
textBlockOrRichString.Paint(canvas, new SKPaint(100,100), options);

Other Render Options

TextPaintOptions also has settings to control anti-aliasing and LCD text rendering.

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