RichTextKit v0.4

StyleManager.Update Method

Assembly: Topten.RichTextKit.dll
Namespace: Topten.RichTextKit
Declaring Type: StyleManager

Update the current style by applying one or more changes to the current style.

public IStyle Update(string fontFamily = null, Nullable<float> fontSize = null, Nullable<int> fontWeight = null, Nullable<SkiaSharp.SKFontStyleWidth> fontWidth = null, Nullable<bool> fontItalic = null, Nullable<UnderlineStyle> underline = null, Nullable<StrikeThroughStyle> strikeThrough = null, Nullable<float> lineHeight = null, Nullable<SkiaSharp.SKColor> textColor = null, Nullable<SkiaSharp.SKColor> backgroundColor = null, Nullable<SkiaSharp.SKColor> haloColor = null, Nullable<float> haloWidth = null, Nullable<float> haloBlur = null, Nullable<float> letterSpacing = null, Nullable<FontVariant> fontVariant = null, Nullable<TextDirection> textDirection = null, Nullable<char> replacementCharacter = null);


string fontFamily = null

The new font family

Nullable<float> fontSize = null

The new font size

Nullable<int> fontWeight = null

The new font weight

Nullable<SkiaSharp.SKFontStyleWidth> fontWidth = null

The new font width

Nullable<bool> fontItalic = null

The new font italic

Nullable<UnderlineStyle> underline = null

The new underline style

Nullable<StrikeThroughStyle> strikeThrough = null

The new strike-through style

Nullable<float> lineHeight = null

The new line height

Nullable<SkiaSharp.SKColor> textColor = null

The new text color

Nullable<SkiaSharp.SKColor> backgroundColor = null

The new text color

Nullable<SkiaSharp.SKColor> haloColor = null

The new text color

Nullable<float> haloWidth = null

The new halo width

Nullable<float> haloBlur = null

The new halo blur width

Nullable<float> letterSpacing = null

The new letterSpacing

Nullable<FontVariant> fontVariant = null

The new font variant

Nullable<TextDirection> textDirection = null

The new text direction

Nullable<char> replacementCharacter = null

The new replacement character



An IStyle for the new style