RichTextKit v0.4

ICharacterMatcher.MatchCharacter Method

Assembly: Topten.RichTextKit.dll
Namespace: Topten.RichTextKit
Declaring Type: ICharacterMatcher

Provide a fallback typeface for a specified code point index

SkiaSharp.SKTypeface MatchCharacter(string familyName, int weight, int width, SkiaSharp.SKFontStyleSlant slant, string[] bcp47, int character);


string familyName

The family name to use when searching.

int weight

The font weight to use when searching.

int width

The font width to use when searching.

SkiaSharp.SKFontStyleSlant slant

The font slant to use when searching.

string[] bcp47

The ISO 639, 15924, and 3166-1 code to use when searching, such as "ja" and "zh".

int character

The character to find a typeface for.



Returns the SkiaSharp.SKTypeface that contains the given character, or null if none was found.

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