Los Angeles v0.3

Special Front-Matter Properties

Some front-matter properties are considered special in that they control Los Angeles' behaviour.

view Property

The view property declares which Express view will be used to render the page. If not specified, this property defaults to "page".

layout Property

Although not explicitly handled by Los Angeles, some view engines (including Handlebars and Moe-js) use the layout property to specify the outer layout view into which the inner view should be rendered.

externalBody Property

The externalBody property can be used to specify the URL of an external resource that will be requested and appended to the end of the rawBody.

This provides an easy way to pull in content from other sources - eg: include the readme file of a git repository in your site.

redirect Property

The redirect property causes this page to redirect to a different URL.

isMarkdown Property

Setting this property to false disables the Markdown transformation of the page's body, causing the body property to return the same value as the rawBody property.

import Property

Specifies other .page files that this page should be merged over. This property can be either a single filename, or an array of other files that will be merged in sequence.

eg: importing a single page:

import: myCommonSettings.page

eg: importing multiple pages:

  - myCommonSettings.page
  - myOtherCommonSettings.page

See Imports and .commonPage for more.

defaultSyntax Property

If specified, sets the default language for any Markdown code blocks that don't have an explicit language specifier.


defaultSyntax: javascript
# Heading

// This code block will get class="language-javascript"

// This code block will get class="language-csharp"