Los Angeles v0.3

Page Adornments

Aside from the parsed YAML front-matter, a .page file loaded by Los Angeles is adorned with the following properties and methods.

rawBody Property

The rawBody property contains the original raw text of the main body of the .page file.

ie: everything after the front-matter.

body Property

The body property returns the rawBody transformed from Markdown to HTML.

This property is implemented as a dynamic property and the Markdown transformation is performed the first time the body property is accessed.

If the YAML front-matter includes the property isMarkdown:false, the body property will return the rawBody and no Markdown transformation is performed.

url Property

The url property contains the URL that this page was loaded through.

filename Property

The filename property holds the file this page was loaded through, relative to the contentPath of the page server's options.

view Property

This property comes from the front-matter, but if not specified defaults to "page" and is used to specify which Express view should be used to render the page.

The loaded and parsed page, including all adornmnents is passed as the data (or model) to the selected view.

options Property

A reference to the options object used to configure the page server that loaded this page.

qualifyUrl(url) Method

Qualifies a URL, relative to the URL this page was loaded through.

loadPageAsync(url) Method

Loads a page with URL relative to URL of this page.

This is an async method and should be called using the JavaScript await method:

var otherPage = await page.loadPageAsync("otherPage");

getImageSize(url) Method

Gets the size of an image with a URL relative to this page. The returned value is a JavaScript object with the following properties:

    width: 1020,            // Width of the image
    height: 364,            // Height of the image
    type: "png",            // The image extension

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