Los Angeles v0.3

Imports and .common.page

Los Angeles provides two ways to declare common front-matter properties for a set of pages:


Often it will be desirable to have a set of front-matter properties that are common to every page in a folder. These properties can be declared in the special file .common.page.

When a .page file is loaded, if a .common.page file exists in the same folder it is loaded first and the page being loaded is merged over the settings from .common.page.

eg: suppose you had a .common.page file like so...

projectName: "My Project"

... then every other .page file in that folder will also inherit the projectName setting (unless it is overridden by a new setting in any of the page files).


Besides this automatic importing of the .common.page file you can also explicitly import other .page files with the import front-matter property in a page. See here.

The import property can also be used to import the .common.page file from a parent directory:

import: ../.common.page

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