moe-js v0.3

Welcome to Moe-js

"Moe-js" is a simple, fast, flexible, modern, async enabled, Mustache/Handlebars inspired templating engine for JavaScript.

  • Mustache/Handlebars inspired format
  • Support for in-template JavaScript expressions
  • Support for embedded code blocks
  • Support for external helper functions
  • Support for partials
  • Support for async templates (use await inside template)
  • Built-in Express integration including support for outer "layouts"
  • Built-in template file cache
  • Simple to use
  • No dependencies


The primary goal behind Moe-js was to build a templating language with similar style to Mustache/Handlebars but with ability to use Javascript directly in templates.

Unlike Mustache/Handlebars which is language agnostic, Moe-js is deliberately and closely tied to the JavaScript language (which is why it has "js" in it's name).

Moe-js doesn't claim to be compatible with Mustache/Handlebars but the syntax is very similar and existing templates can be converted fairly easily (certainly more easily than switching to a completely different view engine).


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