Moe-js v0.3


The compile function takes a template string and compiles it to a function that can be invoked to render the template output:

function moe.compile(templateScript. [options])
  • templateScript - a string containing the template to be compiled
  • options - optional compile options (see below)

The returned function is of the following form:

function template(model [, context])
  • model - the data to be passed to the model
  • context - an optional object that will be passed to the template and to any partials

When you import moe-js, the returned object is the default instance of the MoeEngine class.

const moe = require('@toptensoftware/moe-js');

Although rarely necessary, you can create additional MoeEngine instances as follows:

const moe = require('@toptensoftware/moe-js');
const moe2 = new moe.MoeEngine();

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