Building FPGABee Version 2

Part 13 - Better Aspect Ratio

This article continues on from Part 12 - PCU Firmware Working.

Aspect Ratio Improvements

FPGABee's aspect ratio has always been a bit off - a bit squashed vertically:


To improve this, I've switched the VGA resolution from 640x480 to 800x600 and stretched it vertically to twice the height (scan line doubler). This looks a lot better:


I've also moved the PCU menu to the top right corner so it's less obstructive:


Games look better too:


Code Improvements

Also, I've done a bit of a clean up on the code:

  • Extracted the core FPGABee functionality to a separate entity
  • Wrapped the core in a new top-level entity specific to the Nexys3
  • Remove all Core Generator components, including the clocking core and disk controller multiplier - these are all now inferred.
  • Lots of other miscellaneous improvements.

Download Available

And... it's now available for download.

Building FPGABee Version 2 continues with Part 14 - ROM in RAM.