DocBrowser v0.9

Getting Started

DocBrowser is provided as a HTML template that you'll need to customize to your own needs.


Download the latest version from

Zip File

You'll need to customize the template to suit your needs. The following summarizes the files of interest:

  • /layout.hbs - the main HTML layout template
  • /docbrowser/* - stylesheets, scripts and icon font used by the template


This is the main HTML file that you'll need to edit to your needs. It's provided as a handlebars template as this helps highlight where you'll need to edit things.

You'll also find many comments describing how to customize it, or continue reading this documentation for a detailed explanation.

Other files

Since DocBrowser is a template that requires your editing to be useful, this presents a maintenance issue if new versions of DocBrowser are released in the future. ie: how to most easily integrate those changes without losing the customization edits that you've made.

See the Customization page for a suggested approach to this problem.

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