Sorted Vector Class

CSortedVector is very similar to CVector except its contents are always sorted.

template <class T, class TSem=SValue >
class CSortedVector;

By default, the vector is sorted using the default compare routine supplied by the specified semantics class, so for simple data types the sort order is provided automatically:

CSortedVector<int> vecInts;
CSortedVector<CUniString, SCaseInsensitive> vecStrings;

To add items to a sorted vector, you must use the Add method. Unlike CVector, CSortedVector doesn't support positioned operations such as InsertAt, Move, Swap, Push etc...


Enumerating a sorted vector is the same as enumerating a regular vector:

for (int i=0; i<vecInts.GetSize(); i++)
	printf("Item %i:%i", i, vecInts[i]);

To change the sort order of a sorted vector, use the Resort method, supplying the address of a custom sort routine and a flag indicating if duplicates are allowed. (If Resort is not called the default is to allow duplicates)

// Simple class to demonstrate custom sorting of CSortedVector
class CMyObject
	CMyObject(int iVal) : m_iVal(iVal) {}
	CMyObject(const CMyObject& Other) : m_iVal(Other.m_iVal) {}
	int m_iVal;

// Custom compare routine to compare two CMyObject's on m_iVal
int MyCompareRoutine(CMyObject* const& a, CMyObject* const& b)
	return a->m_iVal - b->m_iVal;

// Setup a vector of CMyObject owned pointers, and use custom
// sort routine, allowing duplicates
CSortedVector<CMyObject*, SOwnedPtr> vec;
vec.Resort(MyCompareRoutine, true);

Note the prototype of the MyCompareRoutine and that the following prototype will not work:

// This is wrong!!
int MyCompareRoutine(const CMyObject*& a, const CMyObject*& b)

Note also that when set the AllowDuplicates setting to false, the vector must already disallow duplicates, or be empty - otherwise an assert will occur. If AllowDuplicates is true, or already false, the vector need not be empty and will be automatically resorted using the new compare routine.

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