Container Semantic Classes

SimpleLib's container classes support a concept of semantics that can be used to control things such as ownership of contained object and sorting rules. For example a typical vector of object pointers can be declared like this:

CVector<CMyObject*> vec;

However to have these objects owned by the collection and automatically deleted when removed from the collection (or when the collection is destroyed), use this:

CVector<CMyObject*, SOwnedPtr> vec;

or reference counted objects (eg: COM interface pointers):

CVector<CMyObject*, SRefCountedPtr> vec;

Semantics classes can also used to control case sensitivity. For example a case sensitive map of strings to ints:

CMap<CString<char>, int> map;

To make the map case insensitive:

CMap<CString<char>, int, SCaseInsenstive> map;

A map of case sensitive strings to owned object pointers:

CMap<CString<char>, CMyObject*, SCaseInsensitive, SOwnedPtr> map;

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