MarkdownDeep is an open-source implementation of the popular web publishing syntax Markdown. MarkdownDeep provides a high performance implementation for ASP.NET web-servers along with a compatible JavaScript implementation for client side use.

At a Glance

  • Server Side - Extremely fast C# implementation (typically 15x faster than MarkdownSharp]).
  • Client Side - Javascript port, 100% compatible, tiny at about 30k minified.
  • Client Side Editor - toolbar, realtime preview, shortcut keys, help, etc... Try It
  • Supports all Markdown syntax features.
  • Optional support for all PHP Markdown Extra features.
  • Optional safe mode can sanitize HTML output (great for user entered content).
  • Supports for the special requirements of content management, blog and comment systems.
  • Over 400 unit test cases ensure correct results.

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