Microbee Games 80's nostalgia

Microbee Games

As a teenager I wrote and sold 5 Microbee games. Here's some screen shots and info on each. Although somewhat cringe-worthy now, at the time were quite respectable :)

You can play most of these games (and others) online with NanoWasp:

  1. Go to http://nanowasp.org
  2. In the Tape menu at the top, choose the game
  3. Click back on the Microbee screen and type load and press Enter.
  4. The control keys are Q, A, , (comma) and . (period) and space.


Frogger clone sold through AUSBUG.

Hopper Title Screen Hopper Game

Laser Blazer

Chase the dot, avoid the laser beam. Sold through Applied Technology

Lazer Blazer Title Screen Lazer Blazer Game

Depth Charge

Take out the subs, avoid the torpedoes. Sold through Applied Technology

Depth Charge Title Screen Depth Charge Game

Space Lanes

Using a giant laser beam, take out one kind of space ship, leave the others. Sold through Applied Technology

Space Lanes Title Screen Space Lanes Game

Robot Fire

Definitely the best of my games. You shoot vertically, the evil robots shoot horizontally. Quite a few levels. Self Published.

Robot Fire sat on a tape in my shed for over 20 years before I recovered it.

Robot Fire Title Screen Robot Fire Game