MarkdownDeep - Donate

Giving back...


MarkdownDeep is completely free software however you're encouraged to make a donation if you find it

useful - and especially so if you're using it in a commerical situation.

As a guide we consider a one time donation of US$100 per server (for web installations) or

US$100 per application (for desktop applications) to be reasonable for commerical use.

*A significant amount of time and effort was spent in developing MarkdownDeep and we believe it only fair

that its use in commercial projects cover some of that development cost.*


MarkdownDeep is an open-source project, with the code hosted on GitHub.

Contributions are welcome, but not all are accepted. To submit code changes, simply send a Pull

Request through GitHub.

For information on setting up a development environment, project overview and more, see the

Implementation Notes.