Open-source implementation of Markdown for C# and Javascript

MarkdownDeep is an open-source (read license) implementation of the increasingly popular web publishing syntax Markdown. MarkdownDeep provides a high performance implementation for ASP.NET web-servers along with a compatible JavaScript implementation for client side use.

At a Glance

  • Server Side - Extremely fast C# implementation (typically 15x faster than MarkdownSharp).
  • Client Side - Javascript port, 100% compatible, tiny at about 30k (when minified by MiniME).
  • Client Side Editor - toolbar, realtime preview, shortcut keys, help, etc... Try It
  • Supports all Markdown syntax features.
  • Optional support for all PHP Markdown Extra features.
  • Optional safe mode can sanitize HTML output (great for user entered content).
  • Supports for the special requirements of content management, blog and comment systems.
  • Over 400 unit test cases ensure correct results.

More Information

Use the links at the top right to read about the features in detail, check out the easy to use API, or try it in your browser right now!

You can also jump to the download page or contribute by making a donation or helping to improve the product.

Finally, you might be like to read blog posts about MarkdownDeep.