Building XulaBee

XulaBee is an attempt to get FPGABee running on a XuLA or XuLA2 board from and package it all up in a tiny case from Jaycar.

Although this project was never really completed, I did get it up and running and might return to it one day to complete it properly.

XuLA and XuAL2

Part 1 - The Idea

Building an FPGA Microbee that looks a little more presentable and a first time attempt at designing a PCB board.

Part 2 - Getting Started

Porting FPGABee's VHDL code base to Spartan 6 and XuLA2

Part 3 - Signs of Life

Setting up the Keyboard, CPU and RAM and building an alternative status display since the XuLA has no on-board indicators.

Part 4 - Up and Running

Resolving some clocking issues, handling SDRAM and getting XulaBee up and running for the first time.

Part 5 - Audio Improvements

Adding a SN76489 emulator and generating sound with a Sigma-Delta DAC leading to some cool chip-tune music.

Part 6 - Revised PCB

I've never designed a PCB before so I'm learning as I go here. Getting closer.

Part 7 - PCB v3

Yet another iteration of the PCB

Part 8 - Final PCB

Final version of the PCB board