MiniME - Build Integration

Minify and check your JavaScript on every build

This page gives some tips on how to integrate MiniME into your build procedure.

Visual Studio

The easiest way to integrate MiniME with a Visual Studio project is with a simple

post-build command.

  1. Create a text response file that describes the command line options to be used. I usually

    call it MiniME.txt and save it in the same folder as the script files.

    Here's a typical example:


    In this example, MiniME will process all .js files in the same folder as MiniME.txt and

    generate a single output script scripts.min.js. Modify the above example to suit your

    own needs.

    See Using the Command Line for available options.

  2. In Solution Explorer, right click on your project and select Properties.

  3. Switch to the Build Events tab

  4. In the Pre-build event command line, enter something similar to:

    mm.exe @$(ProjectDir)js\MiniME.txt

    the @ symbols tells MiniME to read it's command line options from the specified file.

  5. Make sure mm.exe is on your build environment path (or include the full path to it

    in the previous step)

  6. Build your project and check the scripts.min.js file has been generated.


coming soon


There's no special instructions for integrating MiniME with make base build systems.

MiniME operates like any typical command line build tool and should be easy to setup for anyone

familiar with configuring make build scripts.

MiniME has an exit code of 0 on success. Any non-zero exit code indicates failure.