MarkdownDeep - NuGet Packages and Licensing Changes

Thursday, March 10th, 2011     #markdowndeep #everything

MarkdownDeep, our super fast open-source .NET Markdown processor that comes with a compatible JavaScript version is now up on NuGet.

MarkdownDeep is now available as a set of 3 NuGet packages:

  • MarkdownDeep.Full - the full .NET and JavaScript package for use in websites
  • MarkdownDeep.NET - the .NET only component for use in desktop apps
  • MarkdownDeep.Full.Sample - samples on how to use it

The sample package is intended to be added to an ASP.NET MVC project. Once added, navigate to http://[servername]/MarkdownDeep to see it in action. I'll write a more detailed post shortly.

Also, the license terms for MarkdownDeep have been changed from Creative Commons to Apache Software License. This was done primarily on the recommendation of Creative Commons that their licenses not be used for software. The main implication of this however is that MarkdownDeep is now available for commercial use. See the license page for more.

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