Icon Evolution

Friday, June 29th, 2012     #minicomp #everything

I don't usually write about graphic design because although I'm interested in it, I certainly don't consider myself a graphic artist... and I've got the history of a recent attempt to prove it.

I mentioned in my previous post about building Minicomp that it took a long time to get MiniComp's application icon right. Today while cleaning up I noticed a set of SVG files that shows roughly how that went...

Icon1 First attempt, too cartoony
Icon2 I've tried this cut-out style icon a few times, but it's never really worked out.
Icon3 Borrowing the striped green look from the messages app. For a while I was considering a green lawn type theme.
Icon4 Back to a gold trophy look, but keeping the stripes.
Icon5 Back to green again (I really do have no idea what I'm doing), this time going for a simpler/cleaner look.
Icon6 I was using this grey mesh background in the app for a while (but it was bit too much). The gold look is one of the effects in Inkscape, and while it looks nice and shiny it's too lumpy around the edges for my liking.
Icon7 Getting closer, this is where I'd settled on the in-app theme of carbon fiber background with blue accents.
Icon9 This was done after the final icon below and was used briefly for the debug build of the app.
Icon8 The final icon. Carbon-fiber background, matching blue trophy and border, gloss-over effect.

I called this post "Icon Evolution" but in retrospect it was more like "Icon Trial and Error". In the end, I'm really happy with it - it just took a long time to get there.

You can see a bigger 512x512 version of the icon in the MiniComp Press Kit.

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