PetaPoco - NuGet Package

Monday, 21 March 2011

Any .NET library worth it's while these days should come as a NuGet package - so PetaPoco is now up there and ready to use. See Here.

This post is about PetaPoco - "a tiny ORMish thing for your POCOs". Read more on the PetaPoco Project Page.

If you're not familiar with NuGet, you really should be - read this.

Now, getting your DB wired up with PetaPoco couldn't be easier:

  1. Install the "PetaPoco" NuGet package.
  2. Make sure you've got the correct a connection string for your database in your web.config or app.config.
  3. Update the newly added file to use that connection string.
  4. Save to generate classes for to represent all your database's tables.

Start coding. See here for more.

« PetaPoco - T4 Template PetaPoco - T4 Template »

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